Step 9: Monetization Step 9: Monetization

Step 9: Monetization

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

How to monetize your app 

Monetization is an important aspect of many apps, and there are several ways for you to monetize using MAZ. If all your content is free, feel free to skip this step. In this article, we will look at a few ways to monetize your app, and provide some links to dive deeper into the areas you want to learn more about. 


Below are some of the tools we provide:


1. Sponsored banners and sponsored screens



MAZ banners are a simple yet powerful tool for promoting any type of content, for mobile apps. Banners allow for seamless deep links and web links in any section. Up to five images and links can be added and viewed by the user by swiping left and right on the banners, otherwise, they will rotate automatically after a few seconds. You can also target banners for certain users! MAZ does not facilitate sponsorship opportunities.


To learn more about adding banners to your app, click here


Sponsored screens are full-screen pop-ups that can link to a sponsor's website or sponsored content. To learn more about adding sponsored screens to your app, click here!



2. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a classic monetization tool. MAZ provides several subscription options to allow your audience to subscribe to your app.



You can customize your subscription lengths, pricing, and free trials. More details on how to set up subscriptions in your app can be found here: Creating Subscriptions 


Once your subscriptions are set up, you can also change the copy and UI details of the subscription details. Find more information here: Designing Subscriptions


NOTE: If you plan on offering Subscriptions/In-App purchases, be sure to complete your Cross-Platform Receipt Validation.


3. In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are a way to lock specific pieces of content within your app. If you are choosing not to offer subscriptions, but still want to lock access to your content with a purchase, you can price each feed or piece of content with an in-app purchase.


After adding content or a feed, click the Settings button and set the "Access" to "Locked." You can then indicate that the content will be unlocked by an In-App Purchase and set the price of that purchase.



You may also want to add a free preview for users of your apps. MAZ provides tools that allow users to have a limited preview of your app that is either time-based (i.e. 5 minutes of free preview) or view-based (i.e. 5 free articles before they must subscribe). Check out our metering tools in these articles: Metering Tools


4. Advertising



Ads served in the app are another monetization tool that can be set up using MAZ. We offer several different advertising tools based on the type of app you have, and the type of ads you want to show up within your app. 


Follow the below links for more details on different ad tools: 

DFP Ads for articles and feeds

Google Ad Manager connection and set up

Third-Party video ads

SpotX ads 

Springserve ads 

Now that you have learned about monetization opportunities for your app, let's move on to Step 10: Setting up your Google Analytics Tracking ID