Take a quick break to preview your app 

As you add content and design your app, you're likely going to want to take a quick look to see how your work is progressing, and to ensure the look, feel, and functionality are ready to go live. To preview your app during production, you will use MAZ Mirror, a bespoke app by MAZ. If your app is already live and you want to preview changes, you can continue to utilize MAZ Mirror.


Please note the MAZ Mirror app is only used for previewing mobile apps. The MAZ OTT Preview can be used to preview your OTT app. Scroll down to find more information on using the OTT Preview!



Our preview app, MAZ Mirror, is available on iOS only. Before you can preview, please make sure you have created your Apple Developer account and have an iOS device on hand.


How to Preview


Step 1 - Get Test Flight

Download TestFlight from the App Store on the iPhone or iPad you wish to use to for testing.



Step 2 - Open Invite Link

Once you have successfully downloaded TestFlight, open this link on your iOS device: https://testflight.apple.com/join/oL6vXvje



Step 3 - Install MAZ Mirror

You should see an invitation inside the TestFlight app to download the MAZ Mirror App. Tap “Install,” and open the app.



Step 4 - Log in with your code

Log into the MAZ Mirror app with your MAZ email and the account code found in the MAZ dashboard under App Creator → Preview.



Step 5 - Refresh to see changes

To see your changes in the MAZ Mirror app, tap on the refresh button the bottom of the screen. You can move this arrow around the screen, or hide it in the settings.



When your app is live, you can continue to use MAZ Mirror to preview dynamic changes to your app that do not require an app update.

Dynamic changes include:
• Layouts
• Colors
• Featured images
• Content Updates


The MAZ Mirror App will display all "Active" content. Use a Digital Release Date that is set in the future in order to preview content before your end-users see it in the live app. Remove the Digital Release Date to push updates to the live app.

If you make any of the below changes to your live app, they will require an app update in order to set the changes live:

  • App icon
  • App logo
  • App name
  • App description
  • Screenshots


Previewing your OTT app

In order to preview your OTT app, you can use the web browser-based OTT simulator. To begin, navigate to App Creator, then Preview. You should see a button available for you to launch the simulator.



This tool can help make ensure that the customizations you have created look right, and your content is loading and organized properly!



Your app should be coming together! Let's look at Step 9: Monetization Tools