Step 5: Design your content Step 5: Design your content

Step 5: Design your content

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Choose layouts and themes for displaying your content


Now that you have brought your content into your app, you can decide how you want each article, menu, and video displayed using one of our layout themes. Layouts are also used to organize Subsections. 


MAZ has a number of layout options to choose from, and you can preview them using the MAZ Mirror app to see how they look. You can read detailed articles about mobile layouts here and OTT layouts here


Click the "Design" button on any content feed or Subsection to select and view your layout.



Here are a few examples of different layouts:

List View: Utilize this layout for a classic, vertically-organized look.

List view.png


Cover List: Utilize this layout to display a library of magazine covers & issues.

Cover list.png
Full Tile: Utilize this layout for a more singular focus on each piece of content, such as news articles with a large corresponding image. 

Full Tile.png
Mosaic: Utilize this layout for an image-driven display of content, menus, and articles.



Text Chooser: Utilize this layout for a minimal and straightforward text style.

Text Chooser.png


Again, check out all of our layout themes can be found at these links: Mobile Layouts & OTT Layouts


Article Templates

Article templates allow you to customize how your articles are displayed within the app. To create a new Article Template, go to Content in the navigation bar and navigate to Article Templates.

Article Template.png

Article Templates allow for customization so you can ensure content looks good in mobile portrait & landscape mode, as well as tablet portrait and landscape mode. You can customize elements such as:

• Text alignment
• Header, date, byline, image, etc. positions
• Set margins
• Change fonts, font colors & sizes
• + More 

Article customization.png

You can also use the MAZ Default template if you don't want to create your own. You can apply different templates to different feeds & content. Templates are set using a simple drag and drop and edit tool as shown above. For more details on Article Templates check out our detailed article: Article Templates


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