Let's get started creating an app! 

Welcome to MAZ! In the following articles, you will find a step-by-step guide to setting up and publishing your app.


We know that you are anxious to get your app up and running, but there are many aspects that go into creating and publishing an app. While we will try to make them as easy and quick as possible to execute, please keep in mind that there are a lot of details and nuances that you need to think about, plan, and design in the dashboard to create a great user experience.


Most of the app building process will occur directly in the MAZ dashboard, such as setting up the design & UI of your app, adding monetization tools, ingesting your content, enabling data compliance tools, integrating your user database, and more!


Other parts of the process occur outside of our dashboard, and outside of the MAZ ecosystem, such as creating and maintaining your platform Developer Accounts, creating a Google Analytics account, as well as managing any other third-party integrations. These are just as important as the setup in the dashboard, so make sure you allow yourself ample time to review and get these set up as well.


Our knowledge base is extensive, and within it, you should find detailed answers to your most basic (or advanced) questions. We suggest you take some time to review not only the initial steps to building your app but the entire knowledge base. Check out the different topics and articles, and learn about all the tools that the MAZ platform offers.


We hope your journey with MAZ is successful, and we will be here to help you along the way! Let's begin with an easy task, setting up your MAZ Account! Click the following link for details to get started!


Step 1: Create Your MAZ Account