Step 4: Adding Content Step 4: Adding Content

Step 4: Adding Content

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

How to add your content to your app.

Once you have your Sections and Subsections set up, adding content is the crux of your mobile app. Uploading new content is the best way to engage your users, and create new subscribers. You can upload archival content, current content, and add feeds to automatically deliver new content to your users. There are numerous ways to ingest content into MAZ. 


To add new content, navigate to the My Content in the dashboard, and add all the content you expect to display within your app.  Once you are in My Content, press the "+ New" button and you will be shown a list of content ingestion types.



Select the format you will use to input content and follow the steps shown on the screen. Click on the corresponding link below for detailed instructions on how to utilize different input methods. There are simply too many to fit in this article! All the articles about adding and designing can be found here or check out some of the individual articles below.


1.Add a PDF 

2. Convert a PDF to a mobile-friendly feed (additional fee may be required)

3. Feed Builder: Add individual content to create a single custom feed

4. Smart Feeds: Curate your existing feeds into a new custom feed using keywords

4. Add an RSS/Atom feed for articles or podcasts

5. Add an MRSS feed

6. Add a JSON feed

7. Integrate your Vimeo or JWPlayer channels as a feed

Repeat these until you have all your content loaded into the dashboard.


Once all your content is in the dashboard, you can navigate back to your Sections and start placing content where you want it within the app framework. Navigate to the Section or Subsection you want to add content and press the +Content button. Choose from the library of content you have now uploaded and make sure that content is set to Active if you want it to show up in your app. Repeat for all areas of the app until all your content is available!

Now that your app has lots of great content, let's make it look good. On to content design!

Step 5: Designing Your Content