Step 3: App Sections Step 3: App Sections

Step 3: App Sections

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Here is where you will choose the sections of your app

In this step, we're going to look at how to add Sections and Subsections to your app. Sections guide the user on how to navigate to different content within your app. Each section has its own label and icon both of which can be customized. Below are examples of an iOS and Android app's Sections:

App sections.png


iOS Sections: "New Features," "My Podcast!," "Video Stuff," "Subscribe," and "Saved."



Android Sections: "Magazine," "News," "Video," "Saved," and "Subscribe."


You can also add nested Subsections within each Section. For example, if you have added a Section titled "News", the user can tap through and be presented with a selection of News sub-categories to reach more specific content. Below is an example of a Subsection. 



iOS Subsections: In the screenshot above,  DanceTelevision has added Subsections to their Section "24/7s."   


Getting Started with Sections

Navigate to the App Creator, and you will see that two sections have already been added by default: Saved and Subscribe. The Saved section is where registered users can Save or Favorite content for later, and the Subscribe section is where users will navigate to access any Subscription options (if available). 


Sections can be dynamically changed at any time meaning those changes will reflect within your app immediately without an app update.


To add a new Section: 

  1. Navigate to App Creator and select the red "+Section" button.



2. Name your Section and complete the following setting options.


Visible On This setting determines whether this section will appear on your mobile app, TV app, or both if applicable.


Active: Check this box only if you are ready to set the Section live in your app. If you are not ready to publish the Section, or only want to keep it as a draft, make sure the button is not checked. You can adjust this later from App Creator directly or in the Section settings. 



Show Banners: If you want to add Banners to your section, make sure this box is checked. Learn more about Banners here


Advanced Options: If your section will only contain a single piece of content (such as a website), check the box saying "This is a single content section." For more information about Single Content Sections, click here. Web content is only viewable on mobile apps.


3. Design your Sections

For each Section, you will need to choose certain layouts and design elements. By clicking the Design button next to the relevant section, you will be asked to select the Section icon. There are a number of pre-designed icons, or you can upload your own. 


You also will have to choose a layout for your content. More detailed information on layouts can be found here. If you're adding a Subsection, we suggest the Image Chooser or Text Chooser layouts. 


Lastly, you can upload a logo to be shown in that particular Section.


4. Repeat these steps for all Sections you want to add.

To add a Subsection:

1. Navigate into the Section you want to create a Subsection for, and then select the "+ Section" button on the top right corner of the screen.



2. Complete the Subsection settings; Name, Subtitle, and Description. The Subtitle and Description will only be visible if you choose the "Detail View" layout. We will review layout themes in a later step. 



3. Complete the remaining settings which should be familiar to you including "Visible On," "Active," and "Show Banners."

Visible On.png


4. Select the "Design" button to choose your layout, logo, and feed images for the Subsection.



5. If you want to add another level of Subsections to your Subsection, or add Subsections to another Section, repeat these steps again. 

If you get lost in the Sections and Subsections and aren't sure which level you are working on or what Section you are in, just take a look under the MAZ logo as shown in the screenshot below and click the Section you would like to work on. In this screenshot, you can see that the user is two levels deep in "Newest Videos."


MAZ Knowledge.png

Now that the layout of your app is set up, continue on to Step 4 to add your content