Step 7: App Design Step 7: App Design

Step 7: App Design

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Let's dig into some design elements for your app 

Head back over to App Creator and navigate over to Design. There are some important elements of the app that we will need to take a look at before your app is complete. On the left side of the screen, you'll see the different areas of the app that require customization, and the right side will highlight those customization elements. 

App DEsign1.png


Launch Screens

The launch screen is the first thing your users will see when opening the app. While it only will appear for a few seconds, this is your first chance to make a good impression. Click the following link for more details on setting up your launch screen: Launch Screen



Onboarding Screens

Another opportunity to create a good first impression comes from providing onboarding steps for your users. Onboarding screens are customizable and can highlight areas of the app you want customers to know about, like subscriptions, important content, or usability tips. You can add up to five onboarding steps. See more about onboarding here: Onboarding Screens


Data & Privacy Consents

If a user is giving you any personal information, you will want to ensure that you are complying with any local data & privacy regulations, and give your user the option to consent to your privacy policy. We offer the ability to add up to two consents when the user registers or purchases a subscription. See more details here: Data & Privacy



By clicking "Fonts" You can choose the fonts in your app from our library of fonts, or upload your own custom font to match your brand. See more details on choosing your font here: Fonts



Saved is where users will save or favorite content to read later or to come back to at a later time. You can edit the background color, text color, and copy of this screen. 



Customize the different registration walls that your users might encounter. People may register after their "First Save," if they are an "Existing Subscriber" (if you have a database integration), "After a New Subscription," etc.



Set up time-based or view-based metering, which is both options that will give users limited free access to your content before being prompted to pay or subscribe. You can read more about metering options Here.


Now that you have completed these design elements, it would be a good time to head to Step 8: Preview Your App!


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