Required Metadata:

  • App Store Name -  The App Store name is used only in the app store, not on a user's device home screen. Tip: all of the words in the app store name count as keywords when user's search for your app. 30 character limit.
  • Description - This is a description of your app that will be displayed in the app store. Keep your catchiest content in the first few lines to make sure it is visible to all visitors. 4000 character limit.
  • Primary Category - The primary category help prospective downloaders find your app in the App Store. Please select a preset category.
  • Keywords - These are words and phrases used for App Store SEO. You can leave your App Name out, Apple already indexes this separately for search purposes. Please separate keywords using commas. 96 character limit.
  • Copyright - This should be the organization that owns the majority of content contained in the app. 199 character limit.
  • Content Rating - Please select All Ages or 17+ . If you have selected 17+, you will need to select all which apply to your content:
    • Cartoon Violence
    • Profanity/Crude Humor
    • Medical/Treatment Info
    • Nudity/Sexual Content
    • Realistic Violence
    • Mature/Suggestive Layout
    • Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs
    • Graphic Sexual/Nudity
    • Graphic Realistic Violence
    • Horror/Fear Layout
    • Simulated Gambling
    • Gambling and Contests

Optional Metadata:

  • Secondary Category - The secondary category help prospective downloaders find your app in the App Store. Please select a preset category.
  • Developers Website - Your website to be passed on to the app stores. 
  • Release Notes - Use this text to describe whats new in your app update. You can always use the default "This release includes bug fixes and general stability improvements" by leaving it blank.

Required Assets

  • OTT Icon Type - Choose between Simple or Layered icon. Simple icon is just a single PNG file.
    Layered icons will require three separate assets, two transparent PNGs and an opaque PNG as the bottom layer.

    • 1280 x 768 px
    • 72 dpi
    • PNG

  • Top Shelf Image - The Apple TV Home screen uses the top shelf to showcase your content in a rich, engaging way while also giving people access to their favorite apps in the Dock. Additional info on Top Shelf Images can be found here. Here's an example of this asset in use:

    Top Shelf Image.png

    • 4640 x 1440 px
    • 72 dpi
    • PNG


Screenshots are used in the App Store to give your end users a preview of your app's UI. Screenshots are not required for test builds, but will be required at the time of submission. These screenshots should be taken using your test builds to accurately represent your app and all of your app's features. Please note that screenshots are not required until the time of submission for approval. For more details on screenshots, view Apple's Guidelines here.


  • 1920 x 1080 px
  • 72 dpi
  • PNG