FAQs for Connected TVs FAQs for Connected TVs

FAQs for Connected TVs

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Please read on to find answers to some frequently asked questions about the Samsung and LG TV's channel 

Our new LG and Samsung channels have all the same features and functionalities as your OTT app. If you have an OTT app and are looking for a CTV solution, then LG and Samsung channels are the best solution for you.


How do purchases work in CTVs?

We use STRIPE for payments done on Samsung and LG TVs. You can lock the feeds with subscriptions or In-App Purchases or Registration walls similar to what we do in other OTT channels.


Do Connected TVs support MAZ ID?

Absolutely! CTVs support MAZ ID which includes save sync, progress sync, and purchase sync.

Save sync - With synced content saves, users can access saved content across devices.


Progress sync - Users can pause videos on one device and continue playing on another.


Purchase sync - Payment for Print + Digital Subscriptions and In-App Purchases will be synced across devices for seamless logins and immediate content access.


Also, MAZ ID export will include info for end users registered through CTVs.


Which subscription type is supported on CTVs?

Similar to our other OTT platforms, we support the “All Access” subscription type. If you plan to use Database Integration for your CTVs, we support Email + Password login types similar to our other OTT platforms.


Can my existing Samsung/LG app subscriptions or In-App purchases be mapped with MAZ’s Samsung/LG channels?

Currently, MAZ does not support the mapping of your existing CTV subscriptions or In-App purchases with MAZ’s CTV channels.


How can I enable the CTV channels?

Since LG and Samsung are premium channels, please write to success@mazsystems.com if you would like to get these CTV channels enabled for your OTT app.


What additional setup will I need to do on the MAZ dashboard?

Simply go to Content > Channels in the dashboard to complete the channel set-up. To know more about CTV channels set up, please visit here.


How to create a developer account on the Samsung Seller Store?

This is required for Samsung app submission. Please refer to this article to know how to create a developer account on the Samsung Seller Store.


How to create a developer account on the LG Seller Lounge?

This is required for LG app submission. Please refer to this article to know how to create a developer account on the LG Seller Lounge.


How much time do Samsung and LG take to review the app after submission?

Samsung advise that the entire QA and launch process takes approximately 10-15 days. It may be shorter or longer depending on the number of rounds performed in the certification process.


In response to a query we made, LG advised that the app QA process usually takes about 2-3 weeks to complete, and if everything goes well, the app will be approved right after the QA process is completed.


Will my existing MAZ app design, subscription setup, and sections work as-is on CTV channels?

Yes, it's the same as your OTT setup. Additionally, please make sure to complete Stripe set up for CTV subscriptions to work.


Do you have AVOD support on CTV channels, if yes, which ones?

Yes, we support all our existing Ad Integration options for CTV channels. Please visit here to know about Ads.


Can I switch on only one of these two platforms? For instance, I am currently looking at the Samsung channel only but not LG

Absolutely! you can choose to have enabled individually.


Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Yes. Samsung says that in order to launch an application outside of the United States, you need to have a Samsung Apps TV partnership status and a partner-level group. Please refer to the article written by Samsung on how to raise a partnership request with the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.


And again in the case of Samsung, please do NOT enable two-step verification on your account. We will not be able to submit your app if the 'two-step verification' is Set up.


Do the LG and Samsung channels have any exceptions

LG and Samsung channels have the following exceptions as of now:


  1. No support on LG devices with OS below OS4 and Samsung TVs older than 2017.

  2. The inline menu does not support custom fonts.

  3. Remote media keys are not supported.

  4. Videos will not play within the Preview of Spotlight layout.

This list will be updated as and when there is any development on these points.