Learn to bring your OTT apps on the web.

Your OTT app is incomplete without a web presence, but not anymore!


The new Web channel is the web version of your OTT apps on the browser. Our new Web channel has all the same features and functionalities as your OTT app. If you have an OTT app and are looking for a web solution, then Web channel is the best solution for you. Create your video streaming website easily, just like Netflix and Amazon apps for the browser. Recently, we have also added support for rendering Web channels on mobile devices as well.


How to Enable the Web Channel

Since MAZ Web is a premium channel, please write to success@mazsystems.com if you would like to get the Web channel enabled for your OTT app.


Once enabled in the MAZ dashboard, you can access the Web channel by going to Content > Channels.



Setting up the Web channel

Log in to your MAZ Dashboard and navigate to Content > Channels > Channel Setup > Web

You will see a form to fill out your channel information.



Website title - The title will be visible on the web browser tab

Sub Domain - This will be MAZ’s sub-domain.

Custom Domain(optional) - This is a custom domain that is owned by you.

Stripe Account Connect - You must connect to Stripe if you have any in-app purchases in your app. Without this, your end-users won't be able to purchase any paid content. Please read this article to know more about how to connect the Stripe account

Favicon(optional) - This icon will be visible on the web browser tab.

Once you are done filling the form, click on "Save" to save the information.

You've now completed your Web channel setup. Now you can access your Web channel by clicking on the sub-domain link!


Please note that it may take some time for the sub-domain setup to complete and for the web channel app to load.



Note: Few things which are not yet supported on the Web channel :

  • Ability to change the color of the navbar
  • Thumbnails in Portrait view not supported
  • Unlock codes to unlock content without the need to actually purchase
  • Ability to allow users to save content without logging in
  • m3u8 format content cannot be played in Firefox and Chrome browsers unless CORS is enabled at the video hosting server
  • Ability to display closed captions
  • The ability for users to skip ads
  • Ads in the Preview of Spotlight and Full-screen theme
  • Upon end-user first visit, we cannot engage in autoplay under section

  • In Google Ad Manager ads, macros like is_lat, device_id, etc. are excluded.
  • Following Google analytics events - Video progress, restore purchases, banner view, search query, skip Spotx ads, secret unlock code, screen view event of subscription, and IAP purchases. 

Note: Few exceptions with mobile support :

  • When the Web output is viewed on mobile devices, everything will be rendered in Video Grid layout.
  • Thumbnails will only have a landscape orientation.
  • Only white background is supported for mobile support.
  • The saved icon and saved section are not supported.
  • Display title and Inline menu are not supported.