FAQs for Web Channel FAQs for Web Channel

FAQs for Web Channel

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Please read on to find answers to some frequently asked questions about the Web channel 

Why do layouts & UI look different on desktop vs. on OTT?

What you see on a desktop is a web version of your app designed specifically for desktop/laptop screens. We wanted to make it easy and intuitive for your end-users to consume content in your app on all the screens and hence, UI and layouts have been tweaked a bit to suit desktop screens that are comparatively smaller than the OTT screens.


Which browsers is the Web channel supported on?

Currently, we support the Web channel on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


Does the Web Channel support both Desktop and Mobile?

Yes, we have both Mobile and Desktop support for the Web channel.


How do I enable the web channel for my app?

Since MAZ Web is a premium channel, please write to success@mazsystems.com if you would like to get the Web channel enabled for your OTT app.


How are monthly active users calculated?

Monthly Active Users (MAU) for an app on the Web channel is the number of unique users who have performed some action in the app within the last month. A person has to open or view an app at least once in a period of one month to be counted as a monthly active user.


Note: If a user deletes the browser cookies, views the app on a different browser, or opens the app in the browser's incognito/private mode, then that user will be counted as a new user.


How do purchases work on the web channel?

We use Stripe for any purchases done through the web channel. You can lock the feeds with subscriptions/ In-App purchases/ Registration wall similar to what we offer for the OTT platform.


How much cut does Stripe take for every transaction done on the web channel?

Stripe charges a fee for each transaction which is a combination of a percentage of the total transaction price and a fixed fee. The fee depends on the country where your Stripe account is located and the country related to the payment card


According to Stripe's page, for the United States, Stripe charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per successful card charge online. Please visit here for more details about Stripe's pricing.


Which subscription type is supported in the web channel?

Currently, we support the “All Access” subscription type in our Web channel. If you plan to use Database Integration for your web channel, we support Email + Password login type similar to our OTT platform.


Does the web channel support MAZ ID?

Of course! Web channel supports MAZ ID which includes saving sync, progress sync, and purchase sync.


Save sync - With synced content saves, users can access saved content across devices.

Progress sync - Users can pause videos on one device and continue playing on another.

Purchase sync - Payment for Print + Digital Subscriptions and In-App Purchases will be synced across devices for seamless log-ins and immediate content access.


Also, MAZ ID export will include info for end users registered through the Web channel.

Can my existing web channel subscriptions or In-App purchases be mapped with MAZ’s web channel?

Currently, MAZ does not support mapping of your existing Web subscriptions or In-App purchases with MAZ’s Web channel.


Do you have AVOD support on the Web channel? If yes, which ones?

Yes, we support all existing Video Ads options in the web channel.


What additional setup will I need to do on the MAZ dashboard?

Please visit here to know setup details for your Web channel.


What is the launch timeline from the time I give a go-ahead?

Once your web channel is enabled and the setup is complete, your web channel is live.


Few Web Channel Exceptions:

  • Ability to change the color of the navbar
  • Unlock codes to unlock content without the need to actually purchase
  • Ability to allow users to save content without logging in
  • M3U8 format content cannot be played in Firefox and Chrome browsers unless CORS is enabled at the video hosting server
  • Closed Captions are not supported
  • Ads in the Preview of Spotlight and Full-screen theme
  • In Google Ad Manager Ad Integration, macros like is_lat, device_id, etc. are not supported.