Vizio - Getting Started Vizio - Getting Started

Vizio - Getting Started

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Become a Vizio partner and reach millions of Vizio users.

Vizio SmartCast is an award winning platform that runs on every new Vizio TV. Vizio boasts millions of subscribers on their SmartCast network. Place your app on the Vizio SmartCast platform with MAZ.

Who is a Vizio Partner?

Vizio does not offer an App Store like Apple or Google. To place your app on the SmartCast platform, you will first need to become a Vizio Partner by contacting them and telling them about your company and app.

To become a Vizio partner, reach out to so we can put you in touch with the right people at Vizio.

Once you have become a Vizio partner, write to us at to submit your Vizio app.

Note: Please complete the channel setup for Vizio under MAZ Dashboard before requesting Vizio app submission, as the information in the channel setup will be required at the time of app submission.