Setting up the Xbox Channel Setting up the Xbox Channel

Setting up the Xbox Channel

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Provide us with the information required to submit your MAZ Xbox app

Step 1: Login to the MAZ Dashboard and navigate to Content >> Channels >> Channel Setup and select Xbox from the dropdown menu.


Step 2: Fill in the all the information:

Product Name: This is the App Name that will be displayed in the Microsoft store and on the Xbox.

IMPORTANT: Once booked on the Microsoft's Developer portal, the Product Name CANNOT be changed for the entire lifecycle of the app. Therefore, please be careful while inputting this field. We won't be able to change this after submitting the app.

Description: A description for your app.

Support Contact info: Your support email.

Store Information -> Package Identity name/publisher/display name
Please skip this information, this will be filled in by MAZ submissions team.

Assets: Provide all the art work to be displayed on the Microsoft App Store.