Bring in your Inception content in one step.

Inception can be used as an option for adding HPub with article content in mobile apps. You must have an account in Inception to be able to use the Inception Integration Tool in the MAZ dashboard.


Note: To connect your Inception account to the MAZ brand, you will need to create a new "Custom Channel" inside of Inception and copy and paste the provided endpoint URL in the MAZ dashboard.


Connect your Inception Account to the MAZ Dashboard


  1. Navigate to Content in the MAZ dashboard

  2. Select +New+Integration, and then Inception
  3. Copy the Endpoint URL from the MAZ dashboard


4. In Inception, go to the Publish channels page by clicking your Avatar and choosing Configuration.



5. In the menu on the left, click Custom Channels and click Add Channel.



6. Fill out the details. Click outside any of the fields to have the channel automatically created.


7. Open a Story and publish it by clicking the Publish button in the toolbar and following the steps.


8When clicking Publish, the Story is sent to the endpoint where the controller processes it.


9. The HPub will appear in the Inception folder in the MAZ dashboard after some time.


Integration complete!


Now, Inception can be found as a folder in "My Content". All of your HPubs are now available to be added to the App Creator.


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