How to setup your Vimeo Account Integration How to setup your Vimeo Account Integration

How to setup your Vimeo Account Integration

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Bring in all of your Vimeo content in one step using our integration. 

You must have at least a Vimeo Pro Account in order to be able to use the Vimeo Integration Tool in the MAZ dashboard. You will also need to have channels set up on your Vimeo account and be following your channels to populate in the MAZ dashboard. 


To follow a channel, open the menu on the top right of the Vimeo navigation, select your brand's icon, then Collections. From the Collections screen, click into the channel, then select 'Follow'.

1. Connect your Vimeo Account to the MAZ Dashboard


  1. Navigate to Content in the MAZ dashboard

  2. Select +New+Integration, and then Vimeo.

  3. On the setup screen, connect your Vimeo account. You will be navigated to an external link to sign in to Vimeo. 

2. Create a token key for the MAZ Dashboard: 


  1. Visit and log in with your Vimeo Account: 




2. Select the “My Apps” tab and "Create New App":




3. Fill in the three required fields below and select “Create”:




4. Select the “Authentication” tab to generate an Authenticated Access Token and select the following Scopes:

  1. Public
  2. Create
  3. Video Files
  4. Private
  5. Edit 




5. Click “Generate Token” at the bottom of the page:




6. Paste the token in your MAZ Vimeo account:



Integration complete!


Now, Vimeo can be found as a folder in "My Content". All of your Vimeo Channels are now available to be added to the App Creator.

Make your videos private

You can add the following Privacy settings to Vimeo videos :

1- People I follow
2- People I choose
3- People with password
4- Only me


In this way, your videos will remain private and will not be shared.

Sort your channel videos

Now, you can also sort the channel videos with the sorting options available in our dashboard. After you have added the feed from the Vimeo folder to your section/menu under App Creator, all you need to do is go to the same channel in your Vimeo folder under Content > My Content and choose your sorting option.

Here are the sorting options available in the dashboard:

  • added - sort the results by date added.
  • Alphabetical - sort the results alphabetically.
  • comments - sort the results by the number of comments.
  • date - sort the results by creation date.
  • duration - sort the results by duration.
  • likes - sort the results by the number of likes.
  • manual - sort the results as arranged in the Vimeo dashboard.
  • modified_time - sort the results by last modification.
  • plays - sort the results by the number of plays.



Please note: If no sorting is applied then default sorting is set to "Date" when the video was uploaded on the Vimeo dashboard. 

Add subtitles/captions to your Vimeo Videos

MAZ now supports subtitles/captions added to your Vimeo Videos. To add subtitles to your Vimeo videos, please follow the below steps:

1. Log in to your Vimeo account and navigate to Collections > Channels > Videos.
2. Now click on the settings option of the video where you want to add subtitles.


3. On the settings page, click on the Advanced button.


4. On the Advanced page, from the left side menu select Distribution > Subtitles. Now, add your VTT/SRT file under the Captions and subtitles heading as displayed in the screenshot below, and save the form.



You have now added subtitles to your Vimeo video. Repeat the steps for each video in which you want to add subtitles.

It's that simple!

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