Bring in all of your JW Player content in one step. 

Video can be a very important engagement tool when positioned correctly. Your video content can be featured in a variety of ways, such as in a section of your mobile app, the entirety of a TV app, or the spotlight of a social media post. MAZ makes it simple to bring your video content into your Content dashboard with either mRSS feeds or through one of our direct integrations, such as JW Player.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Only manual playlists will be imported to MAZ from JW Player.


In this article:

  • How to Integrate JW Player
  • How to Publish JW Player Videos in Experience Creator

How to Integrate JW Player

Navigate to the Content section of the MAZ dashboard.

Select +New+Integration, and then JW Player.


On the setup screen, select JW Player under API Access. You will be navigated to an external link to sign into JW Player. After logging in, navigate to Account, and then API Credentials. Under Property Name, select Show Credentials. You will need to copy both the API Key and API Secret and paste them into the corresponding fields in the MAZ dashboard.



Integration complete!



Now JW Player will appear as a folder in your Inputs and all of your JW Player playlists will be available to publish in Experience Creator.


How to Publish JW Player Videos in Experience Creator

With JW Player videos in your Inputs, you can now add playlists as feeds in Experience Creator. You can also add individual videos to posts, such as to social media, or other channels.



In-App Creator, navigate to the section you would like to add videos to. Select +Content, click into JW Player, and locate the playlist you would like to add. Click Select next to the playlist.


The feed retains all titles and metadata of both playlists and videos as entered in JW Player. To make any changes, do so in JW Player, and they will be automatically updated in MAZ. Likewise, if you add any new playlists, they will be automatically added to your JW Player input folder without any extra steps.


Individual Videos

There are two ways to add individual videos to Posts. In your JW Player input folder, navigate to the video you would like to post. Select +Post next to the video, and edit the Post accordingly.


You can also navigate to +New, and then +Post, to begin editing the post first, and then bringing in the video from the Input folder by selecting Add Media.



Then, distribute to any of the following Outputs:

  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Slack
  • Soundcloud
  • Youtube


Let’s do it!

You’re set to post videos to your apps or other Channels straight from JW Player. You can also integrate your Vimeo account with MAZ, and start curating new experiences.

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