How to use MAZ ID Feeds How to use MAZ ID Feeds

How to use MAZ ID Feeds

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

MAZ ID feeds are ready-made feeds that are a great way to re-engage your subscribers/app users as soon as they open your app

MAZ ID Feeds are ready-made feeds that are individually created for each of your users based on their watch history and saved items. There are three types of MAZ ID feeds that can be added to any section of your Mobile and/or OTT App. These include: In Progress, History, and Saved. 

How to Add in MAZ ID Feeds:

  1. Navigate to the section you would like to add a MAZ ID Feed to

  2. Click on +Content in your desired section and Click on MAZ ID Feeds

maz id 1.png


3. Select the MAZ ID feed type you want to add to your app experience. You will have the option of History, In Progress, or Saved Feed.


maz id 2.png

The In-Progress MAZ ID Feed makes a list of all the user’s unfinished content (articles, videos, or audio) in a single feed where they can continue watching their content from where they left off. This feed will display the most recently consumed in-complete content first.


The History MAZ ID Feed contains the user’s recently viewed content. There will be a history of the content the user has consumed, both completed and uncompleted.


The Saved MAZ ID Feed contains the recent items a user has saved.

Please note: (Roku only) If MAZ ID feed is flattened on a section level, a placeholder will still be shown in the app for the respective MAZ ID feed.