How to create and use Feed Builder feeds? How to create and use Feed Builder feeds?

How to create and use Feed Builder feeds?

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Use feed builder feeds to create your own custom feed with different media types.

Feed Builder is a tool that allows you to curate any individual media and create a feed that can then act as a feed-in App Creator.


You are able to add in Article, Image, Audio, Video, PDF, Header, Magazine Ad, or a Deeplink as items to a Feed Builder feed.


To create a feed builder feed:

  1. Navigate to the section you would like to create the Feed Builder section in. 
  2. Select +Content+Feed, and then +Feed Builder.
  3. Add the feed details and select Save.
  4. Once you have saved the form, please click on the feed builder.
  5. Now, add content by selecting +Item, and then any of the following content to curate and organize your feed.

Please Note: We do not support HLS videos in the feed builder


Here's an example of a Feed Builder with headers:



There's more!

You can even convert almost any other type of feed in your Content into a feed builder feed by going inside that feed and using the + Convert button!

The feed builder feed is created as a separate feed so after the conversion, you will have the source/original feed as well as the new converted feed builder feed.

Please note that when a feed is converted into a feed builder feed, there is no link between the two feeds, and changes made in the source/original feed do not get propagated to the feed builder feed.