Add article content via JSON.

If you have your articles' feed-in JSON format instead of as an RSS feed, you can still add them to your MAZ app. To add a JSON feed to incorporate article content into your mobile app, get started here!


  1. Navigate to the Section you would like to add the JSON feed.

  2. Click on +Content, +Feed, then +JSON.
json feed.png

3. Enter the following information in their respective fields:


  • Name (Internal facing)
  • Feed URL
  • Title (External)
  • Subtitle (External)
  • Description (External)
  • PDF Upload*

    *PDF Upload Note: If the JSON feed is a web-based replica of a printed edition/issue of a magazine, you can upload the PDF for the edition/issue here to allow compliance with AAM circulation regulations for digital editions.


4. In the next form you see, fill in the metadata for the content menu you are adding to your app and save the form. For example, access, cover date, release date, download options, etc.


Find our JSON feed specifications below!

Main Feed


NOTE: Please see the example for href: <relative path of the stories JSON> below:


href = "a/b/stories/(id)"

Example JSON Feed URL:


Article Feed


Note: Please ensure the Embed Code for the video should be responsive.


If you don't have an articles' JSON but would like to add video/audio content through JSON format, you can choose to add a Media JSON feed in our dashboard. Learn More here


Important Note: We utilise etag and last-modified response headers for JSON Feed's version validation, to update the apps with the newly added content in the JSON Feed. Learn more about Feed version validation here.