Livestream and Simulated Livestream Livestream and Simulated Livestream

Livestream and Simulated Livestream

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Setting up a Livestream of video helps capture audience attention right away 


Do you stream live events? If yes, then Livestream functionality is for you.

MAZ supports HLS URLs as well as m3u8 URLs for Live streaming. We adhere to the same standard HLS specs as Apple. More info can be found through Apple's Documentation.

To add a Livestream feed get started here!

  1. Navigate to the Section you would like to add the Livestream.

  2. Click on +New+Feed, then +Livestream.

live video.png

3. Enter the following information in their respective fields:

  • Name (Internal facing)
  • Content Source*
  • Feed URL
  • Title (External)
  • Subtitle (External)
  • Description (External)


*Content Source Note: MAZ allows you to add Live Feed URLs as well as JW Player Live Stream URL. Learn more about JW Player Livestream here!



4. In the next form you see, fill in the metadata for the content menu you are adding to your app and save the form. That's all!


DanceTV live streams a variety of channels under their 24/7s section by piping in MRSS feeds.


Important Note: While adding a Livestream feed within a section or a subsection you need to make sure that there are no other feeds, as all other feeds in this section will be deactivated. Because When a user views this Section, the Live Video will automatically play unless it is locked. You can edit this section and make changes later at any time.

Simulated Live Video 

A simulated live video will give an appearance of a Livestream. In reality, your MRSS feed will autoplay and continuously loop. This is a great tool for engaging audiences quickly and eliminating choice paralysis. To add a Simulated Live Video, get started here!


  1. First, make sure your selected MRSS feed is added to "My Content."   

  2. Select +New+Feed, and then +Simulated Live.


simulated live.png


3. Enter the following information in their respective fields:

  • Name (Internal facing)
  • Content Source*
  • Title (External)
  • Subtitle (External)
  • Description (External)

*Content Source Note: Choose the source of the Simulated Live feed.


4. Add the created simulated live feed to the desired Section within your app.


If you want to include content from multiple different feeds in your Simulated Live feed, you should first create a Smart Feed to catch all the desired content from any number of feeds as per your need. After the Smart Feed has been created, repeat steps 2 & 3 using the Smart Feed as the source.



DVR Enabled Streams

With the DVR feature enabled, users can Play/Pause/Rewind Live and Simlive streams. By default, this feature is turned off for all the apps to provide a true linear viewing experience.

Enabling the DVR feature adds the video playback controls to the Livestream player in the app.

movie 1.png

To enable the DVR feature for your apps, please write to us at

Note: Enabling the DVR feature will require an app update.

Video Ads with Livestream

By default any video ads you have added in your MAZ dashboard will only be shown when the Livestream stream starts (given you have enabled ads for that stream). However, you can change that behaviour and have the live stream follow the ad frequency you have added under App Creator > Ads > Video Ads.

To change the default behaviour navigate to App Creator >Ads >Video Ads and under "Set request frequency" uncheck the option"For live feeds, request the ad every time before playing the live stream" and save the form.

set request.png