JW Player Live Stream Functionality JW Player Live Stream Functionality

JW Player Live Stream Functionality

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Do you use JW Player as your hosting solution? Do you stream live events?

If yes, then JW Player Live Stream functionality is for you.

We have partnered with JW Player's New Live Streaming functionality to allow you to broadcast your live events in your MAZ app. This new functionality allows you to add in your own asset to be displayed before your event starts and after your live stream event is finished.


Through JW PLayer's Live Channels, you can broadcast live events to your audience:

  • Supporting event streams that are up to 12 hours
  • Streaming live events to your web players and mobile apps
  • Providing a video-on-demand (VOD) asset after a live stream event completes

In order to use this functionality:

  1. Navigate to the section where you want to add your live stream.

  2. Click on +Content , +Feed, then +Livestream

untitled live.png


3. Enter the following metadata and Feed URL:

  • Name (Internal facing)
  • Content Source*
  • Feed URL*
  • Title (External)
  • Subtitle (External)
  • Description (External)

*Content Source Note: Choose Content Source as JW Player

*Feed URL*: The live feed URL should be a JSON URL.


Example: https://live-cdn.jwplayer.com/live/channels/2M8UGav5.json



4. In the next form you see, fill in the metadata for the content menu you are adding to your app and Save the form. For example Access, Live Feed ImageIdle Refresh Time*Active Refresh Time*, etc.


jw player.png

*Idle Refresh Times (in minutes)

*Active Refresh Time (in minutes) 


Based on these timer values, the app will be polling the JSON and getting the status of the feed as idle or active.

Here is the JSON structure to get the status of the feed:

In case of status as idle, the app will be showing the Live Feed Image uploaded in the form. Once the status gets active, the app will start playing the live feed.


Please Note: Preroll ads are not supported in JW player live integration.