Apple News Style Guide Apple News Style Guide

Apple News Style Guide

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Follow the Apple News style guide for the best user experience. 

Apple News is an ideal output for publishers looking to engage audiences with breaking news and other of-the-moment content. Distributing to Apple News requires adhering to particular font styling as set by Apple, and has its own set of template fields.


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Apple News Overview

When publishing to Apple News, you can either utilize the MAZ Default Template or create a custom template just for Apple. To curate articles to publish, you can either (1) create articles under Content > My Content and then add Feed Builder to customize a feed for Apple News, or (2) apply a custom template via Article Templates to an existing feed, which can be created by navigating to Content > Article Templates.





There are certain fonts in the Article Templates that will translate to Apple News. See the list of available fonts here.



Apple News will transfer particular fields in the Article Templates which include:

  • Image
  • Headline
  • Author
  • Byline
  • Body
  • Heading
  • Pullquote


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