Customize your app's Apple Watch extension. 

There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to the Design of your mobile app, and the details make all of the difference. The following introduction explains how to customize your Apple Watch Extension!


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iOS Widget Overview

The Apple Watch Extension ensures your content is optimized for preview on the Apple Watch. Primarily, one article is shown, and the Show More option displays the next 3 latest articles.



As shown above, the widget will display a featured image and the title of each article, as well as the option to Save.


Select Your Feed

Select a default feed for your app’s extension! You can choose any feed (RSS or Custom Feed via Feed Builder), that contains articles.


Navigate to App Creator > Design and click on Apple Watch on the left-hand side.


Click on Chooser Feed and your Content folder will pop up; navigate to the feed you would like to add. Click Select next to the feed.



Apple Watch Setup

Reach out to to make sure that your iOS build is bundled properly with Apple Watch. Once that has been confirmed, navigate to Content > Channels and scroll down to Apple Watch under Mobile Apps.


Click on Setup and add a minimum of one screenshot of your app on an Apple Watch. For more instructions on how to take Apple Watch screenshots, please refer to Apple's documentation.


Now that your Apple Watch is all set up, you can reach out to again to update your iOS app and your Apple Watch will be bundled into that build when it goes live!


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