Increasing Discoverability in App Stores Increasing Discoverability in App Stores

Increasing Discoverability in App Stores

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Follow these helpful tips to drive marketing for your app. Entice users to download and give an accurate preview of your app experience.

The iOS and Google Play App Stores are by far the most oversaturated stores in the mobile and OTT space. There are few ways to go about ensuring that your app is optimized to stand out from the rest.

App name - have an app name that people can remember, but that isn’t too generic that it gets lost in the search. Depending on your brand, this may be out of your control but consider “News” as part of a name, and how many of thousands of apps also have “News” in their name too.

Beautiful app icon - similarly to app name, take a look at your phone right now. What icons stand out to you? And what fades into the background? Choose a simple icon that can’t be overlooked.

Keyword relevance - may be a no-brainer, but choose keywords that feel common and relative to your brand and the utility of your app.

Searchable - before you commit to a name and keywords, pretend you’re an end-user and think of all the ways that someone would search for your app. What comes up and what are you competing with?

Great screenshots - try captions and eye-catching visuals, entice users with your clear value. Use images directly from your UI to highlight your main app experience.

Offer coupon codes - as you launch, try including deals and coupons to encourage more downloads, increase app sessions, and incentivise customer referrals. Read this article for additional info on unlock codes.

Create demo videos - if you have the resources, utilize a demo video to either hype people up or educate people on the general basics, navigation, and what they can do and look forward to within your app.

Smart onboarding - as you design your app, start thinking about the best way to teach your end-users about the capabilities within your app. It may seem intuitive to you as you build it out, so try showing it to a person outside of your company to gauge their perspective and see what confuses them as first-time users.

For additional information, check out these helpful words directly from Apple and Google.