Provide free access to your app with an unlock code.

If you are looking to share an exclusive code with some of your audience or internal team members, creating an unlock code might be the way to go.

Unlock code will apply to your entire app, and unlock the entire app experience.


How to generate Unlock Codes

  1. Navigate to App CreatorSubscriptions, then Unlock Codes. Select +Code
  2. Give some label to the code. This is just a name you can give to the code and it is not the actual code.
  3. Once you save the form, you will see the unlock code at the extreme right (next to the Copy and Revoke buttons).
  4. You may revoke an unlock code anytime using the revoke button for that code. Once revoked, any content that was unlocked using that code will get locked again and the code will also not work for any new attempts made to unlock content using that code.

How to use Unlock Codes

  • On Roku: Navigate to the Settings menu, and select the * key three times. A pop up will appear to enter the Unlock Code.
  • On CTV and Web Platforms: Navigate to the Settings menu, press and hold the "Log in" button for 3 seconds and you should see a pop up to enter the code.
  • On Any Other Platform: Navigate to Settings, and hold down Restore Purchases for 3 seconds. A pop up will appear to enter the Unlock Code.