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Privacy Policy & CCPA Opt-Out

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Link Data & Privacy information to comply with GDPR & CCPA.

Customize the Data & Privacy information of your app to comply with data privacy laws, such as GDPR & CCPA.


  1. Navigate to App Creator > Design 
  2. On the left side, toolbar click on Data and Privacy

In this window, you will be able to either select our default Privacy Policy notice or replace it with a link to your own to be displayed within the app. We strongly suggest connecting your own privacy policy. Listed below are the settings that you can customize.



Data & Privacy Overview

The Data & Privacy section should be cohesive with the app’s design and convey the necessary information as clearly as possible. This pop-up consent notice will appear when a user registers for an account or makes an in-app purchase. Learn how to edit the pop-up below!


Display Data & Privacy/Ask for Consent

Select Yes from the dropdown.


Header Text

Edit the header copy of the pop-up. Our standard copy is ‘Data and Privacy.’


Your Notice

Add a copy of your consent notice. Our standard copy includes a starting point for explicitly stating the terms of data sharing, and a placeholder to link to your Privacy Policy.


Privacy Policy Label

Add the Privacy Policy label. Our standard copy is Privacy Policy.


Your Privacy URL

Link to your Privacy Policy here. It will appear in an in-app web browser.


Add Additional Consent

Add an optional additional notice here. Select Yes from the dropdown and a description box will appear.


Submit Button Label

Customize the submit button. Our standard copy is ‘Continue.’

When all customizations have been made, make sure to select Submit.

CCPA Opt-Out

  1. Navigate to App Creator > Design
  2. On the left side, toolbar click on CCPA Compliance

In this window, you will be able to either use our CCPA message or add your own.



If you have selected No for "Do you sell any users' information?" the CCPA Message will be shown in the app when the user goes to the app settings and taps on the CCPA menu option. You can keep the default messaging or customize it.

If you have selected Yes for "Do you sell any users' information?" your users will be able to toggle the option to "Opt-Out" which will prompt them to email a "Do not sell my personal data" request to the email address which you provide in the CCPA Compliance form. The user will have to simply go to the app settings and tap the "Do not sell my personal data" menu option in order to trigger that opt-out request.


If you have further questions about these options, or around how MAZ handles data collection or compliance requests, please email

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