Registration & Login Design Elements Registration & Login Design Elements

Registration & Login Design Elements

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Customize MAZ ID user registration and login

Choose various ways in which a user can register themselves, and customize the different registration walls that one might see throughout different sections of your app.



Navigate to App Creator > Design > Mobile App/ OTT, and select Registration > First Save on the left side toolbar.


Mobile > Registration Screen



OTT > Registration Screen

ott rs.png


Header Image & Text

For each registration state, set the Header Image, Alt Text & Header Text. We advise including your logo on each registration state, and utilizing the suggested text; however, feel free to customize!

Login Types & Text

Select the login types you would like users to see in the app: In-app or Link to Website

When In-app is selected then the following options are available for Login: Email/Password, Facebook, Twitter, or Google, Sign In with Apple, or a combination of them.


Note: For OTT we support Email/Password and Facebook.


Customize the text and labels for each registration state's fields.

Registration States

Customize the settings in the left and right columns based on different points of a users experience:


  • First Save & General Settings
  • Existing Subscribers* (Mobile only)
  • After New Sub Purchase
  • After Existing Sub Login* (Mobile only)
  • Registration Wall

*NOTE: These settings only apply if you are utilizing a database integration with MAZ ID.


Colors, URLs, Text, & Skip Settings

Right Column

On the right, customize the colors, URLs, text, and skip settings for each state (except for Existing Subscribers).



We advise setting these colors to fit with the General UI of your app; these are set on the First Save & General Settings state.


  • Main Background Color
  • Header Text Color
  • Border Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Button Color
  • Text Links Color


Include the URLs of your Terms of Use & Privacy Policy on the First Save & General Settings state.



Customize the text for labels and headings on the First Save & General Settings state.


Skip Settings

On the After Existing Sub Login state, select yes or no for skipping.


If set to "Yes," account registration is not mandatory in order to login as an existing subscriber. If set to "No," account registration is mandatory in order to login as an existing subscriber.


Note: Registration & Login Design Elements settings are dynamic and will not require an app update except for login type settings.


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