Add Content to Sections (Detailed) Add Content to Sections (Detailed)

Add Content to Sections (Detailed)

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Learn how to add content to app sections. 

Adding relevant content to your app and engaging your audience is an essential part of gaining and maintaining subscribers. Most commonly, app content consists of a feed container (like RSS) and feed items (articles, videos, images). First, add and organize content within your Input Library by following these steps. Then, learn how to add this content to the sections below.


In this article:

  • Adding Content
  • Settings
  • Access
  • TV Options (Feeds)
  • Advertising Options (Feeds)
  • Release Options
  • Download Options
  • Magazine Options
  • Advanced Options


Adding content

First, navigate to App Creator. Select the section or subsection you would like to add content to. If you haven't yet added sections, start here. Select +Content on the top right.



Your input library will appear; navigate to the content you would like to add (such as a feed, or individual media).



Choose Select on the far right.



Next, choose the access and visibility settings of the content.




Free: Non-subscribers and subscribers can view this content.

Locked: To be individually purchased, accessed with a subscription, or by registering.


Oprah Magazine locks each issue, providing non-subscribers the option to individually purchase.



TV Options (Feeds)

Set these options for TV if the content is an MRSS feed or Smart Feed with videos. If these settings differ from your Video Settings in UI Design, they will override those settings.


Inline Menu

If activated, users will be able to invoke and scroll through the video playlist during playback. With Full Access, users will be able to select and navigate to any other video in the playlist. With Limited Access (simulated live only), users will be able to preview thumbnails of the upcoming videos but not navigate to them.



Display Title

If activated, a small text box will appear in the top right of the screen displaying the title of the current video. Select First 5 SecondsEntire Video Playback, or None.



Advertising Options (Feeds)

Choose to Show Banners or Show Ads in this feed by checking the boxes. Learn more about Banners and Ads!

Release Options

Set a Subscription Unlock Date and/or a Release Date to control access for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

Download Options

Allow users to download and share the content by checking the box. This is only available to subscribers or if they have purchased this content individually.


Mindful allows subscribers to download each issue. 


Magazine Options

For PDFs, add navigation buttons to the top right: CoverContentsHome.


Important Note: The navigation buttons must be white, as well as the back button.

Cosmo provides Cover, Contents, Home, PDF, and Last in their PDF navigation.


Advanced Options


Deeplinking means that selecting this content will re-route to another section of your app or a Web URL.

Select Deeplink from the dropdown and then select Choose Deeplink.


Note that deep-linking options are different based on the type of content.


You can deep-link to a specific content section, or a non-content section, like Settings or Log In. 


Select Deeplink and then Non-Content Sections



Feeds: Choose to deep-link to a specific piece of content in the feed. For example, if you have an MRSS feed, select an individual video from the pop-up to immediately open this video. Users will still be able to go back to the main feed to view other items. You can also link to a Web URL by entering the URL. Finally, link to the user's Last Viewed item within the feed.



Individual Content: Choose to deep-link to another piece of content or another section of your app, such as the subscription section.

Choose to deep-link the content for both mobile and OTT if applicable.


Hide levels

If you have both a mobile and OTT app, you can hide this content from either one.

When you've completed access and all settings, hit SAVE.


Ready, set, create. 

Continue adding content to your sections. You can arrange content by dragging and dropping to your preference.

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