Introduction to App Creator Introduction to App Creator

Introduction to App Creator

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Create sections, subsections, and add content in App Creator. 

When you first launch the MAZ Dashboard you will see that you are first taken into App Creator. We recommend playing around with adding sections/subsections and some content into each to start getting familiar with the MAZ dashboard. 


1. Create Sections and Subsections

Click the links above for information and details on creating Sections and Sub-sections. 

2. Organize Sections

Drag and drop to organize the order of the sections. The top section will appear as the first navigation item from the left of the mobile or OTT app. This is how you will be able to go ahead and move sections. 


3. Design Sections

For each section/content, you can add thumbnails and determine the layout by selecting Design.



Also, note that you can navigate to Design on the top left - this is where you'll select your colors, add an app icon, and add general design elements for your app.


4. Activate and Default Sections

When adding sections, they will be automatically set to Active, which is visible to end-users. To deactivate a section, press Active again.




5. Navigate App Creator

Click on any section of content to navigate a layer deeper into the app hierarchy.

In the top left corner (below the MAZ logo), you will see the hierarchy of the section displayed. You can click any level to navigate directly to it.


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