Create a Firebase Account Create a Firebase Account

Create a Firebase Account

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Firebase is a back-end-as-a-service backed and maintained by Google. Firebase provides a lot of services, tools, SDKs to use with all kind of apps.

Our apps use Firebase for:
1. Google Analytics 4 (also, knows as Firebase Analytics)
2. Enabling Push Notification for Android apps.

Important Note: If your Zype apps are already live, you may already have a Firebase Account setup for your Android Mobile app. You can use the same Firebase Account and Project to configure other platforms. In that case you can skip the steps in this article.


Register for a Firebase Account

Step 1: Create a Firebase account at

Step 2: Create a Firebase Project

After creating an account on Firebase, click on "Add project" to add a new project in your Firebase account.


All your apps will live inside this project so, we recommend naming the Project same as your App Name.


In the next step, link a Google Analytics account to your new Firebase Project.



Congratulations! You have successfully created your GA and Firebase accounts. You can now start registering your apps on your Firebase Project.

Register your iOS app to Firebase

Register your Android apps to Firebase

Register your Apple TV, Roku, CTV and Web apps to Firebase