Register your Android app on your Firebase project

Hosting your Android app on a Firebase project is easy. Let's walk through the steps so you can provide us with your Firebase Service JSON in the One-time details for Android of your channel setup.


Creating the Project

1. Start by creating or logging into Firebase at After logging in, you'll want to navigate to your console in the upper right-hand corner.

image (2)


2. Hit the "Create a project" button and choose a name for your new project for Step 1. Step 2 will ask if you want to enable Google Analytics. This should already be enabled and you can continue on to Step 3. If you have a Google Analytics account linked to your Firebase account, you can choose it now or create a new one.



3. Now that you have successfully created your project, let's add an app. 


Registering your app


1. Click on the Android icon.

image (1)-1


2. Here we'll register the app. Navigate back to your MAZ dashboard and check in the One-time details for the Android section of your app for the Android Bundle ID. This should be in a similar format to "com.maz.comboXXXX" while the X's should be a unique number ID associated with your app.

image (2)-1


Note: If this is an app update rather than a new app submission, you should provide us with your Android Bundle ID and you can use your Android Bundle ID for Firebase instead of the one provided by us. If your Amazon app uses a different Bundle ID, you will need to repeat the next step for both bundle IDs before downloading the google-services.json.


3. Now navigate back to the Firebase console and input your Android Bundle ID in Step 1 of registering your app. You can also add a nickname for your reference  (optional, but recommended). We'll skip providing "Debug signing certificate SHA-1".

image (3)


4. After clicking "Register App", it will take you to the second step where you can download your google-services.json. You may skip the third and fourth steps here.

image (4)


5. Now that we've downloaded the JSON file, let's open it up with a text editor on your computer. Select all of its contents and copy them, making sure not to leave any of it out, not even a single bracket. It should look similar to this:

image (5)


6. Now paste this into your Firebase Service JSON input located within the One-time details for Android as shown below. Be sure to overwrite the curly bracket { } placeholders.

image (6)


7. We'll also need your Firebase project's API Key. This can be found in your project under Project Settings (the small gear icon) beside "Project Overview".

image (7)


8. In the Cloud Messaging tab, you'll notice Server Key. Let's copy and paste this into the One-time details for Android under Firebase API Key within the MAZ dashboardThis key will be necessary to send push notifications on Android devices.

image (8)


Your app is now registered in your Firebase project!