MAZ Pro Service: Quality of Service MAZ Pro Service: Quality of Service

MAZ Pro Service: Quality of Service

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Quality of Service is an excellent service that allows you to ensure that your streaming content functions smoothly in your MAZ app.


Benefits of QOS:

  • MAZ will assign a dedicated Pro Engineer to monitor your streaming content across platforms.
  • MAZ will ensure your Live events runs smoothly in the app.
  • MAZ will expedite your feed processing so you don't face unnecessary delay for your special events.
  • MAZ will send you reports at 15 minutes interval about your app performance.
  • The highlight of this service is that you are eligible to get QOS even during the weekend or public holiday. 

How to get QOS for your app

Here's how it works:

  • You post the details of your QOS request for example: Livestream timing, duration, section name and feed name.
  • We share this with our network of Professional Experts.
  • Available pro expert will be assigned to your request and will get in touch with you.
  • During your QOS period, the expert will be on standby providing you app status at regular intervals and will take support requests on expedited manner.


Talk to our pro services team at to know further details about features and pricing of Quality of Service for your MAZ app. 

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