Intro to Publishing to Additional Outputs Intro to Publishing to Additional Outputs

Intro to Publishing to Additional Outputs

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

An overview of publishing your content on news aggregators and social media. 

Whether you're creating a mobile app, OTT app, or outputting your content to news aggregators and social media, set up all of your Channels in the Channels section in order to start publishing. In the following articles, specific instructions for each platform are provided.


Navigate to Channels under Content to view all of the platforms you can publish too!



Once the content is published, you can view this activity in the Published under Content. Here, view details such as time, date, content information, and format of each item published.




The Queue is where scheduled content lives before it is published to apps or other platforms; then it will appear in the Published.


Important Note: Set up of Channels often requires logging into the platforms you would like to publish to. Set up these accounts first, and then set up your Channels in MAZ.


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