To submit your app to Roku, you must create a developer account and grant MAZ user access. We recommend doing so as soon as you can to avoid delays in app submission.

You will need to own a physical Roku device to submit an app. Roku requires you to link a device to your developer account. Please follow Roku's instructions on how to link your new device


Creating your Roku Developer Account

1. Navigate to the Roku Developer and follow the instructions to create an account. Be sure to add Roku Payment Information (this is different from Roku Partner Payouts)


2. You will need to have a Roku device linked to your developer account. You may either factory reset (this can be found under Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset) a device you already own to link to your Roku Developer Account or you can purchase a new Roku device to link to your Roku Developer Account. Once that is established, please follow Roku's instructions on how to link a device.


3. You will also need to verify your Roku Developer Account. To trigger this verification email, you will need to navigate to Manage my Channels. Click on the Add Channel button and select Developer SDK and Public, then add your channel name (this can be changed later).

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 5-43-00 PM-png (1).png

4. Click Continue. Open the Properties drop-down and select Package Upload.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 9.05.00 PM (1).png

5. Click the Send verification email button to trigger. You will now need to navigate to your email inbox to verify the email, and follow the instructions provided in that email. Your account should now be verified. 

Adding MAZ user access

1. Navigate to your Roku Developer Dashboard. Under Account, click on Manage user access.

Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 9.59.51 PM.png

3. Click on the Add a User button. Here you'll be required to invite to link your account to the MAZ dashboard. Be sure to grant the Administrator role.


4. Click Create.

Also, don't forget to complete your Roku Partner Payouts!


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