Google Analytics: Filter Data by Platform Google Analytics: Filter Data by Platform

Google Analytics: Filter Data by Platform

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Add a custom dimension in Google Analytics to enable data filtering by platform name 

With every event that is reported on Google Analytics, MAZ sends a custom parameter named “PlatformName” which is used to filter data based on the platform type. Below are instructions on how to add a custom dimension to a property in Google Analytics. 


How to add custom dimension to your GA property:

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account and go to Admin.

2. From the Property drop-down, select the property to which you want to add the custom dimension.

3. In the Property section and go to Custom Definitions > Custom Dimensions.

4. Click the “+ NEW CUSTOM DIMENSION” button to create a new custom dimension.

5. In the Name text field enter “PlatformName” (without the quotes).

6. In the Scope drop-down select “Session”.

7. Make sure the “Active” checkbox is checked.




8. Click Create. Click Done on the next screen. “PlatformName” is now added. 

Once you have added the “PlatformName” custom dimension, you may filter data in your Google Analytics reporting dashboard by clicking the Secondary Dimension drop-down and selecting “PlatformName” under “Custom Dimensions”.


The values that the PlatformName parameter can take are nothing but all the platforms on which your app is live. If your app is live on all the platforms that MAZ supports, the PlatformName parameter can take on these values: iOS, tvOS, Android-Mobile, Amazon-Mobile, Android TV, Amazon FireTV, and Roku.