Integrate your MYLO subscriber database directly with your MAZ app using our off-the-shelf integration.

To integrate MYLO, follow the steps below between the MAZ dashboard and your MYLO dashboard. You will create an application in MYLO and copy specific fields into the MAZ dashboard.

Be sure to request MYLO to authorize our redirect URI:


Navigate to Users > Database Integrations and then select Setup next to MYLO



  1. After clicking the Setup button, the following screen will open up.

2.  Select the Subscription Type for your current subscribers. This does not necessarily have to match what you choose for new subscribers in Subscriptions.
  • All-Access: Current subscribers will have access to all content.
  • Duration-based: Current subscribers will have access to the content from their subscription date onward.

3.  Enable / Disable Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On = OFF: One-way sync API endpoint

Single Sign-On = ON: Two-way sync API endpoint

4. Enter your MYLO Client ID, and Client Secret from your MYLO admin page.

Scopes - The value of scopes will be "email profile opened"


Testing your MYLO Integration

In-App Testing

You’ll want to test your integration in an app environment to be certain everything is working smoothly. The MYLO integration controls are connected directly to your app, so any changes made in the dashboard will go live immediately. That means you’ll be able to live test as soon as you update the dashboard.