Database Integration: MAZ ID Database Integration: MAZ ID

Database Integration: MAZ ID

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Integrate your subscriber database directly with your MAZ app using our in-house MAZ ID Database integration.

If you just have a plain list of your subscribers but no fulfillment service at the backend, Don't worry! we have you covered. On our MAZ Dashboard, you can now set up MAZ ID database integration which is simple to set up. Please follow the steps below to set up your MAZ ID Database integration:

1. Go to Users > Database Integrations

2. Select Setup next to "MAZ ID" integration. 

3. Now upload a list(CSV) of your subscribers. The CSV should contain non-empty columns 'Email' & 'Subscription Status'.

4. Save the form and toggle ON the MAZ ID Integration

data base.png

Yes, that's it. It's that simple!

Please Note:
 MAZ only supports All-Access subscription type with login as Email and Password for MAZ ID Integration.


How to manage your MAZ ID database users? 

Go to MAZ ID under Users and you should see your list of MAZ ID users.
You can change the status of your users to Active/Non Subscriber. Along with that, you have an option to add new users to the existing list from the + Add New User button.

users database.png


Important Note: The users will require to reset their password during login into the app.


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