How to Create Banners How to Create Banners

How to Create Banners

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Add banners to sections to promote content. 

MAZ banners are a simple yet powerful tool for promoting any type of content, for both mobile and OTT apps. Banners allow for seamless deeplinks and weblinks in any section. Images and links can be viewed by the user by swiping left and right on the banners, otherwise, they will rotate automatically after a few seconds.


1. Under App Creator, navigate to Banners. Then select + Group. 

2. Enter a Group Name (this name is internal facing)

3. Set the Outputs (for mobile and/or OTT) for the banner group and hit save.


4. Now that you have a group, click into the group and add banners by selecting + Banner.


IMPORTANT: Make sure that your Banners are activated in your app by selecting Active next to the banner group.


5. Choose if you want the banner to be visible on Mobile or OTT.

6. Mobile: Upload banner Image (JPG, 2048 x 450 px), add a Link Type (Web URL or Deeplink). Enter the Web URL or select the Deeplink clicking the banner will lead to, OTT: Banner Image (JPG, 1966 x 400 px). Select the Deeplink where the banner will lead to.


IMPORTANT: Mobile banners have a visible "safe zone" of 1200 x 400 px, while TV banners have an 1800 x 400 px safe zone. Make sure to place the core message and image within these safe zones.


Note :

Banners can be deep-linked to any Section, Feed, Feed item, or Non-Content areas of the app. Please make sure your Banner's deeplink destination is not marked with the "Hide level" setting, as the destination will remain hidden and deeplink will not work.


IMPORTANT: Banners will not appear with Spotlight, Full Screen, and Detail view layouts on the OTT platform. 


out tv.png

How to add banners to a section

  • Go to the "Settings" of your section where you want the banners to be visible. 
  • Check the option "Banners" and select your banner group
  • Now "Save" the form.

save 1.png

That's all!


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