How to Create In-App Purchases How to Create In-App Purchases

How to Create In-App Purchases

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

How to price individual pieces of content within your app?

In-app purchases are a way to lock specific pieces of content within your app. If you are choosing not to offer subscriptions, but still want to lock access to your content with a purchase, you can price each feed or piece of content with an in-app purchase. 

  1. After adding content or a feed, click the Settings button and set the "Access" to "Locked." You can then indicate that the content will be unlocked by an In-App Purchase and set the price of that purchase.



Important Note:

It is suggested that you create In-app purchases in advance as early as possible, as some app platforms require manual In-app purchase creation which may take some time (up to a couple of days) to show up in the app. Therefore, you should try to create IAPs in advance.

You can use the Digital Release Date functionality to create content in the app that can be set to release in the future but will give enough time for the IAPs to be created on each platform.

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