How To Add Links to PDFs How To Add Links to PDFs

How To Add Links to PDFs

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

How To Add Links to PDFs

Allow users to explore more from a PDF by utilizing our HTML5 Reader

If you simply upload a PDF to "My Content" and add that content to your app, you will not be able to add links to that PDF content.

This is an alternative way to format your PDF file which would allow you to add links to ads, videos, social posts, etc. Allow users to get more out of your content by utilizing this tool.


Here are the steps:


1. Upload a PDF

Navigate to Content→ My Content → +New → +Feed → +PDF Only. Follow the standard PDF upload process. 


2. Customize in MAZ Reader

Navigate to Content → Channels. Under MAZ Reader, select Feeds.



On the top right, select +Feed and select the PDF you uploaded from the pop-up.




NOTE: The PDF may need time to process before appearing to proceed to the next steps.


Next to the PDF, select Rules, then select Organize from the dropdown on the top right. 



Now, Make your customizations by adding links to each element. If you haven't used MAZ Reader before, learn more here.


3. Add the Customized PDF as an Article to Feed Builder

Navigate back to Info from the dropdown, and copy the Feed URL.


Then, navigate to Experience Creator, and then create a custom feed (if you don't have one already!), using Feed Builder. Select +Item → +Article → Paste in the Feed URL.




Finally, add the thumbnail images and save! 


NOTE: Make sure that you turn off article extraction by navigating to Edit next to the PDF within the custom feed, and that only Mobile is checked for visibility. Template Designer does not apply, and must be on the Feed Level Default setting.



4. Add the Custom Feed to a Section

If you haven't already, add the custom feed to any section of your app!


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