Adding Zype feeds to your MAZ App Adding Zype feeds to your MAZ App

Adding Zype feeds to your MAZ App

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

Using Zype to deliver content to your MAZ apps? Follow this guide to learn all the necessary steps.


Creating Categories in Zype

MAZ can ingest video content through MRSS feeds, which can created by generating categories. Let's start with your Zype dashboard. Read more on Categories here.


1. Navigate to your Categories and use the +New Category button to generate. You can name anything you prefer, but naming it "MAZ" should be helpful for organizational purposes. 


2. Add values by typing them in and hitting enter. You should create a value for each feed you would like to create in your MAZ apps. A feed can be considered as one "swimlane". 


A user would be able to mimic these "swimlanes" in the screenshot by creating "Snow", "Water", and "Adventure" values within the "MAZ" category created in Step 1. 


3. Next, you will need to add videos to each value, this will determine which videos will be in that specific feed. Do this by navigating to your video in your Library.


4. Click on the video you would like to assign to a feed, then click the Categories tab. Choose one or more of the values for which you would like that video to appear.

Feb-13-2024 18-14-36.gif



5. Once you've assigned a Category Value to all your videos, you can now add this feed to your MAZ app. Please remember that videos can be assigned to a Category Value at any time, and MAZ will pick up the new video and add it to your app. Navigate to your MAZ dashboard now.


6. If you haven't done so already, create a section for your app by hitting the +Section button. Then click into your section to add your feed there.


7. Click on +Content, +Feed,  +MRSS.


8. Go back to your Zype Feeds, and click on the feed you would like to add. It should open in a new tab, copy this URL.


9. Now paste this into the MAZ dashboard, add any relevant metadata, and hit save. 


10. You've now successfully added a feed to your MAZ app! You can now select layouts and preview your apps. Please note that these changes should take about 15-30 minutes to propagate.

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