OTT Setup in Nine Steps! OTT Setup in Nine Steps!

OTT Setup in Nine Steps!

Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma

How to get started with OTT app creation. 

Let's hit the ground running with our quick start steps:


1. Let's login to the account by clicking on the link below. Make sure to add in a Credit Card to ensure feed processing occurs. Login Here! 


2. First, navigate to App Creator, and take a look at Sections


Sections help your user navigate your content by serving as navigation through your vast content library.

You can have up to seven sections active at one time. Many customers choose to have sections such as Live, Home, All Videos.  In the example below OutsideTV has chosen Premium, Shorts, Live, My Queue, Subscribe, Search, and Settings. 


3. Now Let's Add-in Your Content to Your Sections


Within each section, you can choose what content you want to highlight. For your OTT channel, you will be able to add in MRSS feeds to build out this experience.

Here, we have added in two MRSS feeds by selecting +Content, +Feed, MRSS feed. We have added another MRSS feed in the exact same way. Yes, it really is that easy!



WOW! Are we almost there? 

4. Let's take a peek at our progress so far. 


Navigate to App Creator --> Preview and click on Launch Preview under OTT



5. Add in your custom touch to the app.


Now let's navigate to App Creator --> Design and pick out some cool assets to showcase your app! These include app background, app icons, and logos! Here you can also add in a subscription as well as metering options. Make sure to fill out all fields indicated with an asterisk. 



6.  Grant us Apple, Google, Amazon, Roku Developer Access


Almost there, make sure you create/ give us access to your developer accounts, this is how we are able to submit your app to the app stores



7. Customize your app store listings!


Perfect! Wow, are we really almost done? Navigate to Content --> Channels --> Channel Setup and customize how you want your app to be represented in the app store including screenshots, descriptions, and keywords



8. Add in your Google Analytics Tracking ID


Last Step! 

Navigate to App Creator --> Analytics --> Settings and add in your Google Analytics Tracking ID to track engagement in your new OTT Apps!



9. Congratulations!


Your required setup in the dashboard is now done, now all you have to do is sit down and relax while we create test builds on each platform for you to be able to test on your actual devices. This process typically takes two weeks!


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